Weekend House In Oselin

Looking for an interesting property with a unique story to settle down, a German investor has collaborated with the architect to discover a countryside estate, in former German township Oselin. The property had remained uninhabited since WWII – for over 70 years. Time has stopped here…

We respect and protect the precious context – centennial oaks and existing architecture, however de clined in the years, it holds historical value that should be restored by traditional means. The main driving force of the project was the emphasis of the contrast between the old and the new, which is clear and legible. New object is inserted between existing volumes of the dwelling and the barn and encloses the site from the driveway on the South. Single story horizontal form with a sauna creates sheltered pedestrian and vehicular entrance; at the same time it serves as a connection to a multi-level volume with apartments. Two identical flats on top of each other, 65 m² in area, each accessible via exterior staircase. Exact cube that is in direct contrast with countryside archetypal single pitch house. We are using traditional building materials – wood and stone – for their texture and color. Yet, we employ contemporary techniques, and strive to use local materials to save on transportation and energy costs.

The building is the first phase of a larger development and will fund the renovation of the existing house with the stable and barn.

build: 2013

photo: Martin Kocich

award: GRAND PRIX OF ARCHITECTS National Award for Architecture 2014